To develop the research oriented temperament of the students, experiments are performed in chemistry lab.


  • Well equipped & widely spaced.
  • 25-30 students can perform the experiments at one time.
  • Provide a platform for students to nurture the budding scientist within them
  • All apparatus, chemicals and modern age devices are available.

The teachers and highly trained lab staff provide an atmosphere conducive to learning not just in theory but by applying it practically.


The true laboratory is the mind, where behind illusions we uncover the law of truth……

To develop the scientific temperament and to quench the inquisitiveness of scientific concepts, first-hand experience is given to students by doing experiments & performing activities related to syllabus & daily life in the well-equipped & well-spaced science lab.

  • Students work in groups as a team with problem solving attitude.
  • Students perform the experiments and unveil the truth behind various scientific phenomenon.
  • Stress on experiential learning.
  • Model and charts related to the subject enhance the understanding


  • To develop reading habit.
  • Important source of knowledge to young minds.
  • To support the curriculum
  • To make the children value books.
  • Offer free book reading facilities
  • To grow healthy readership at all levels.
  • To make the child be able to choose books of their own interest.
  • To further develop the children’s interest to various authors, novels, short stories etc.



 The Art Room, catering to fine arts classes was established in 2008 where the walls were painted by Mrs. Gursharan Kaur, fine arts teacher with the glimpses of the timeline of history of Indian Paintings. It starts from the pre-historic paintings of Bhimbetka to Ajanta cave paintings, progressing on to Mughal, Pahari and Rajasthani miniatures. Then it moves onto the contemporary period of Jamini Roy, Amrita Shergil and the likes of M F Hussain. This provides a unique ambience to the students and invokes an interest into our rich cultural past. The room is well equipped with large tables, easels, donkey-stools, sheet -drawers, etc. to provide full-on experience to the fine arts students.


Geography lab plays a pivotal role in enriching geographical base of the students. School has a geography lab which provides ample opportunities for students to observe and learn concept and facts easily.  Geography labs contains all maps, topographical and weather maps. There are models needed for the understanding of the subject. The lab is fully equipped with the apparatus like the thermometer, magnetic north. Rock samples and instruments like globes and 3D models are displayed to enhance the comprehension of the students.


We at GMSSS 33 D have two well-equipped computer labs both in Senior wing and Junior wing. To provide students and staff with a vast array of I.T resources. For students as starters, our labs create inclusive, structured learning environments where students can prepare for a tech – savvy future.


  • To enhance the classroom teaching.
  • Provide training and guidance to students with practical approach.
  • Provides conducive environment for E- learning and research.
  • School computer labs supplement classroom learning.


   Lab is the happiest place where theoretical ideas are given shape to

  • Explore
  • Innovate
  • Demonstration

And promoting “learning by doing” while quenching the thirst of practical side of BEAUTIFUL MATHEMATICS which is queen of all sciences. Every year our inquisitive students participate in annual science & mathematics exhibitions and bring laurels to school under the guidance of talented mathematics faculty.



  • Cultivating favorable attitude towards Mathematics.
  • Encouraging and developing creative problem solving ability
  • Engage in the doing rather than being a passive observer.
  • Involvement of both mind and the hand which facilitate cognition.
  • Arousing interest and motivating learning.


The Math’s Park in the school campus facilitates the learning of math’s concepts by developing

  • Exhibits
  • Pedagogies
  • Engaging Activities


  • It is a quest for opportunities, developing scientific knowledge for phenomena of living things.
  • Develops biological attitudes among medical students.
  • Learning through visualization
  • Understanding nature’s role in biology.


Helps the students to learn the encrypted words to be converted into symbols for the use in offices. The skill of writing is developed as a new language among the students for professional usage.


Artistic and scientific skills. It gives opportunities to show their talent and also prepare them for future social skills it gives the students all the knowledge to develop as & hobbies.


Several studies done by educationists have shown that music ignites the cognitive development of humans especially children. It helps body and mind work together, resulting in improved grades and lowering stress level 

Our school nurtures students who are musically inclined. Hindustan classical music (vocal and instrumental) is taught to 6th to 12th class student. Whereas basic knowledge of classical singing, group singing and dance is taught at junior level.Oppurtunities are provided to inculcate the skills to play various musical instruments